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Book Review: As It Was In The Days of Noah by Jeff Kinley

August 17, 2014

As It Was in the Days of Noah: Warnings from Bible Prophecy About the Coming Global Storm. Jeff Kinley. Harvest House Publishers, 2014.


When I was looking for something interesting to read at the book store, I came across Mr. Kinley’s book. Given the interest in the end times, it should be a natural that this kind of book would garner interest from a great many people.

Mr. Kinley writes about the story of Noah as it appears in Scripture, and the linkage that Jesus developed that the end of the age would be as the days of Noah. He does this by relaying the story of Noah, the wickedness of the age, the story of how he built the ark, and the flood itself. Then he describes Jesus’ teaching on the matter.

Mr. Kinley then relates the godlessness of the world. Most interesting is his experience of teaching a group of European teenagers who have never heard about Jesus (page 78). He then develops some of the sinful tendencies of men like violence, sexuality (Sodom and Gomorrah is featured heavily), and apostasy using 2 Timothy 3 as an outline. Regarding the topic of apostasy, his rebuke of “Consumer Christianity” (p 119-120) is especially refreshing to read. To round out the book, the author then describes the return of Jesus, and the imminence of that return.

As one may gather, Mr. Kinley has been more responsible than the majority of prophecy writers, as he has stuck to Scripture a vast majority of the time in his book. This, coupled with relevant and interesting stories makes it an interesting read.
As well, the presence of a mostly honest treatment of sin, unlike most modern church literature in this book was especially refreshing.

However, Mr. Kinley’s urge to his readers to bend to “the spirit of the age” and accept homosexuality in others (p 99) was particularly disturbing, as he fails to appreciate or discuss the issue of holiness in those that would follow Christ regarding the acceptance of sin. What Mr. Kinley writes is very consistent with the idea of friendship evangelism, which is the idea that one must be friends with unbelievers, accepting them in every way, in order to get the chance to present the Gospel to them.

As well, Mr. Kinley’s book exhibits the typical myopic Churchian focus towards pornography and homosexuality, bypassing discussion of all the other sins tearing the church apart in the name of sexuality.

While some readers might find the treatment heavy, others who are familiar with the basics of the end-times through Scripture will find it a light treatment with no surprises whatsoever. This light and elementary treatment of Scripture will frustrate those who are looking for more in-depth study. Other than the stated reservations, this book functions as a relatively decent introduction into the topic of biblical prophecy.

Rating: 6 out of 10.
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  1. dvdivx permalink

    Surprised it doesn’t talk about Nephilim like most books with that title.

  2. @dvdivx It does a little, but not in any way that struck me as significant or controversial.

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