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Jesus Is Not Your Husband

August 8, 2014

Femininebutnotfeminist writes in the previous post:

I just had a question about the section of the post that sonofdeathswriter commented on… when you said “….or even Jesus…”, you’re not saying a woman should consider a man, even her own man, as being more important than Jesus, are you? Because we should have Jesus as our #1, and our man as our #2. To do otherwise would be idolatry, not to mention unfair for the man (talk about added pressure on him!). I know I wouldn’t want to be a man’s #1. I would expect to be his #2, but could never be his #1.

She writes the typical Churchian advice that’s given, which is good up to a point. The problem with lies is that a lie can represent full truth, but an incomplete truth.

To begin with the truth in this: In terms of gods, she is correct. You can not put anyone or anything before God and be pleasing to Him. A woman’s husband is not her god. FBNF is right that to put a husband in place of God is idolatry and unfair to the man to make him be her god.

This goes for both wives and husbands. One of the unfortunately common problems in churches today is the encouragement of men to submit to women as gods, supplicating to them both in society and in marriages.

Now to the incomplete part of this that makes it a falsehood: Jesus is not a woman’s husband. Jesus isn’t a man’s husband, either. The common Churchian advice that FBNF relays falls flat in negotiating this difference.

(2013-10-23) feminist-theory

This is compounded by the confusion sowed by the pure heresy taught by the Churchians in Marriage 2.0. While marriage is a physical representation of a spiritual reality of Christ and His Church, the Churchians drive this into physical reality in their attempt to enforce the feminist paradigm.
In their view, the husband is to literally represent Christ in her view and he is to provide her the perfect marriage as her Personal Jesus judges it.

Coupled with the false gospel of the Romantic Personal Jesus and relationship, Jesus or God becomes a woman’s husband, boyfriend, or “first husband” (in other words her “personal lover”), using a false interpretation of Isaiah 54:5. When a woman who does this then uses the Churchian advice FBNF relays, and you get a situation where a woman literally replaces her husband with Jesus (or she has two husbands), or puts Jesus in competition with her husband or would-be suitors. This is unfair for men in the same way. Not to mention, she literally commits adultery against her husband…with Jesus.

God has His own place. So does a husband. And each should be #1 in those places.

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  1. femininebutnotfeminist permalink

    Good grief Ballista, I was NOT saying that a woman should think of Jesus as her husband, or even implying it. Or her “first husband”, or whatever. I was strictly talking about idolatry in my comment. Please stop reading every comment that is made through your “everyone is a churchian feminist” goggles and attempt to see what they are actually trying to say before making a mockery of their comments by putting them on display in a way that has nothing to do with what they were saying.

  2. femininebutnotfeminist permalink

    And if you’re not 100% sure what is meant, you can always just ask them to clarify it, which is what my question to you was ~ me not being sure what you meant and looking for clarification. It wasn’t an attack on what you said.

  3. @fbnf You asked a question. . .something about why I wrote “even Jesus” in the previous post. I thought the point behind it was valuable enough for others to make a post out of it. So you got your answer here in this post.

  4. deti permalink

    Where women often get hung up is in confusing the roles Christ and husbands are assigned and what stations they occupy in a woman’s life.

    A married woman worships Jesus as Lord of lords. A woman submits to her husband as lord. Submits, not worships.

    Saying “Jesus is husband” lowers Christ to a set of earthly functions properly served by a flesh and blood man in the here and now and puts a human man in competition with Christ – a competition that man can never win. She will never, ever see her husband as lord or submit to him, as Christ Himself tells her to do.

  5. femininebutnotfeminist permalink

    Ballista, you didn’t even mention the sentence in your post that I had the question about, and instead picked apart the second half of my comment, claiming multiple times that I was relaying churchian advice that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what I was saying. So I think you’ll understand why I’m not convinced that you were only answering my question. You’re far too good of a writer to make the whole post look like something completely different.

  6. Jesus isn’t a husband to these girls–he’s a pimp. Their version of PimpJesus guides them from one bad boy lover to another, because “surely Jesus would want me to be happy and to spend my youthful years gaining the kind of sexual experience that my One Day Permanent Husband (who I’ll marry at age 35) will enjoy.” The Churchian Cult wants women to be happy above all.–The true church wants them to be Good.

  7. lozozlo permalink

    Yo Ballista!

    Long time fan + reader – speaking of Churchian cults and “man up and marry the bernankified slutz” (lozllzlzozolzl) – have you seen the absolutely appalling article that Vox wrote at Alpha Game (URL below)?

    I used to have a lot of respect for him – he used to be one of the cores of the ‘red pill’ Christian-osphere…but here he totally jumped the shark into his new role as an expy of Mark Driscoll – same with many of his commenters (some of them are even worse than Vox). The absolute blindness as to the reality of both radical feminism and traditional feminism astounds me to no end (although I should know better by now…) – seriously kind sir if you have not checked this out – hold your nose and go over and give it a read.

    Just make sure to sit down first.

    It seems that many men (including Vox) have made an idol of Western Civilization – just because it was founded on Biblical principles does not mean that it adheres to them any longer, nor does it mean that men should throw themselves under the bus to sustain it – how Christian is a civilization when it requires an ungodly horror like marriage 2.0 to sustain it?

    Even God Himself chose to make the sacrifices and obedience toward Him that He requires into a 2-way street – i.e. He blesses those who serve Him and offers Salvation – it seems that to Vox and his ideological compatriots Western Civilization is an even higher being – requiring endless and totally unrewarded sacrifice with absolutely no form of reward or even meaningful approval, at least on the part of non-apex males…

  8. lozozlo permalink

    some small typos in the above email:

    “Even God Himself” (capital “Himself”)

    and “it seems that Western Civilization is an even higher being” should be
    “it seems that to Vox and his ideological compatriots Western Civilization is an even higher being”

    May I ask you to make those corrections? – I don’t seem to be able to make them…

    Thanks + God bless)

    – lozozlo

    [B: Done]

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