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Society of Phineas – The Best of 2013

December 30, 2013

It’s the end of 2013, so like 2012 it seems fitting to dig into the vault that is the site stats and pull out what is the most viewed posts. That said, here we go, along with some summaries and reflections. Here are the top five most viewed posts of the site for 2013, irrespective of authorship date:

1. Single Christian Men Don’t Seek Christian Wives (#2) (08-03-2012)

This post that focuses on the church environment and the fact that church officials can’t seem to get past their blaming of men to see the factors that are on them to deal with that push men away from dating in church continues to be a favorite in terms of views, showing up many times through search engine accesses and discussions to the point that it has double the number of accesses as the next post.

A perfect husband.

A perfect husband.

2. Marriage 2.0 Wife = Unquestioned Head of Household (06-08-2012)

This post has gotten more popular this year, having shown up in several searches and discussions, even though it was written very early in the history of this blog. It analyzes a Scottish article which points out in terms of decision-making that married men are ceding control of their own lives over to their wives, who have become the heads of households. This desired dynamic is the goal of those who are evangelizing Marriage 2.0 – marriages where the wives have absolute total control and the men are nothing but draft animals there for the service of the women.

3. Letter To A Young Churchian Woman (06-10-2013)

I write a letter in response to a young woman, who was posting letters to “her future husband” on her blog. Part of that was her 33 point requirements list for her husband. This provided not only an opportunity to address the error of this young woman’s ways, but the errors of all Churchian women who are unrealistically looking for their own Personal Jesus In The Flesh as their husbands. This was helped in traffic by being picked up by a couple of blogs.

4. Single Christian Men Don’t Marry (#1) (08-02-2012)

This post describes some of the attitudes of the single women involved which were quoted in the articles that came up. These include the lack of commitment that women have towards actually being married, instead being focused on education, career, church service, the wedding, the dress, the ring, and a host of other things. Finally it describes how discontent women are in general, and even more so when it comes to their marital status.

The Perfect Churchian Boyfriend (Source)

The Perfect Churchian Boyfriend (Source)

5. Where Have All The Good Women Gone? (11-04-2013)

The post wherein I addressed the attitude that came up repeatedly around that time that women don’t have to do anything in order to find boyfriends – they can just sit back and have the interested guys roll in. I pointed out the folly in that “ask, seek, knock” applies to women too.

Here are the top five authored this year:

1. Letter To A Young Churchian Woman (06-10-2013)

2. Where Have All The Good Women Gone? (11-04-2013)

3. BD #1 – Women Are The More “Spiritual” Sex (01-31-2013)

The first in a 8 post series on James Dobson’s book Straight Talk To Men And Their Wives. This post addressed the typical Churchian attitude that women are the more “spiritual” and “godly” sex, explaining that this measurement comes by their willingness to participate in the Churchian services and consume the products that these Churchian proctors put out. Furthermore, it points out how the women are pandered to by these figures.

.  .  .  Precious Rings .  .  .

. . . Precious Rings . . .

4. Fem-Porn Watch – Yes Men Are Bad, Women Are Good. (01-03-2013)

My continuing commentary on the sexist (and feminist) nature of anti-pornography avocation, specifically the fact that the figures railing against the pornography men like are silent about the kind women like, brought me to a video of Pat Robertson’s commentary on Fifty Shades of Grey on the 700 Club. Instead of condemning it, he manages to prove that it is indeed with these folks that all women are good and pure, and all men are evil and vile.

5. Marriage 1.0 vs. Marriage 2.0 (05-24-2013)

My chart explaining what Marriage 2.0 is and contrasting it with Marriage 1.0. Summarizes a great number of posts on this site and how marriage has been changed by the feminists of all stripes into something vile and wicked in the sight of the Lord.

I conclude this post by thanking all of you who have read this blog and those of you who have supported this blog by linking to it in your blog rolls and link fest posts. I offer the prayer of the hope that 2014 will bring much glory to God and blessing to all of those involved.

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  1. Barnabas permalink

    I was reading through your first post. I wonder if you’ve considered that the problem is not how Churches and Christians treat dating but that there is no historical Christian model for dating. If you take a broader historical and geographic view there is no such thing a Christian “dating” as we know it. The interaction of a young man and woman severed from any oversight from their families is very modern western idea. If the Church at large is suspicious and distrustful in this situation they have good reason to be. When a man has established relationships (with other men) in that particular community and if his family has strong ties there he will be viewed with less suspicion. If a man expects to drift fairly anonymously into a church and get some phone numbers from cute girls he will of course hit some resistance. That is going to be true in any society (not just Christian ones) not completely corrupted by modernity and feminism.

    Other objections seem to be against female hypergamy. As you should know, this is a natural force that can only be managed and not extinguished. You can’t very well say that men should not be expected to marry sluts but then say that women should marry wimps. I think that there are women for shy, unmotivated men but they are going to be women that don’t have other options. Also, I have seen a certain population of men that are afraid of girls, not willing to move out of their parent’s house etc. You might say that such men are victims of the bad economy, easy escapism like video games, hypergamy or what have you but that doesn’t solve anything. Some of those guys might grow out of it. If they can be shamed out of it, I haven’t seen it. I’ve tried to mentor a guy like that and get him to reengage with life but he really wasn’t interested. Again, historically there has always been a segment of the population of men and women that stay single and celibate.

    Now, being the parent of young kids I have to view these things from a parent’s perspective. I’ll encourage my son’s and daughter to always better themselves and not to take anything for granted. I also try to stay engaged with a community of zealous Christians so that when the time comes there my be a nearly arranged marriage or at least a courtship situation rather than trying to do Christian dating.

  2. @Barnabas

    I wonder if you’ve considered that the problem is not how Churches and Christians treat dating but that there is no historical Christian model for dating.

    Yes. There’s an evolution of thought I’ve found on thinking on these things, and that’s one of them. A whole lot is very wrong with a number of things, but sometimes it can just be helpful to point out the wrong attitudes people have, and that was where I think that post stands.

    Other objections seem to be against female hypergamy. As you should know, this is a natural force that can only be managed and not extinguished.

    The parallel that most take on this one is male polygamy. Most won’t say that male polygamy is a “natural force that can only be managed”. In fact, most people take a very dim view of it, including yourself, I’m sure. In fact, sluttery is against the word of God, as stated in several passages. But the problem (beyond the fact that female polygamy isn’t sanctioned at all, compared to the draconian measures taken against men), is that female hypergamy has been completely uncontrolled. This is why women are jumping from relationship to relationship, believing that he is “The One”, until someone comes along that gives her better tingles.

    This is against Scripture, too, as it leads men into the flesh and either supplicating to women overtly (blue-pill betaism), or supplicating to their tingles (Game/PUA, “Christian” masculinity).

    Also, I have seen a certain population of men that are afraid of girls,

    Think about this very carefully. Is there any real benefit to do so in the minds of this “certain population of men”, or is dealing with women nothing but a burden coupled with a hassle? People go to the shaming of these men so they’ll man-up and marry the sluts, but that last word is the real issue. Women (all women, Christian and worldly) have exchanged Godly virtue for wickedness, and a very large number of men (namely who are “viewing these things from a parent’s perspective”) are enabling this and cheerleading this. And men are waking up to this, and doing the Godly thing: Coming out and separating themselves.

    The answers are coming out from all circles, but the real one never comes out: Instill Godly virtue in women and don’t accept women where it doesn’t exist.

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