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Links and Comments #19

December 24, 2013

A bit of an update. I’ve still been busy off and on dealing with my mother’s things. But I hope to do something on the blog very soon that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, which I hope will be appreciated. Anyhow, some more links, not necessarily in any order…

A good glossary of manosphere terms.

You know you’re free when the shaming language doesn’t work on you anymore.

An older but good article on the problems of marriage brought on by Marriage 2.0 and the selfish requirements of kids and parents that delay the time of marriage for both men and women.

Alone is better for the holidays than dealing with a contentious and nagging wife. Of course, men enable this and all feminism by tolerating the sins of women instead of dealing with them. Unfortunately, marrying one of these rebellious women has no benefit for a man, whatsoever. Of course, the mistake that most make is thinking that Marriage 1.0 exists alongside or as part of Marriage 2.0.

A man never get the best of a woman who has been with another man. Rollo talks about this in relationship to a popular story on Reddit of a woman who was a prude with her husband sexually. She turned out to have done some pretty extreme pornos before she met this man. Related: It’s not whether a woman is “too damaged”, it’s whether she is realistic about the kind of men she can get, and whether she can love him the way she was meant to love him. Unfortunately, the “Pretty Woman” model is what is expected out of Christian men towards these “good Christian girls”, since the church wants to pretend that women are sinless and aren’t damaged by their rampant sexual sins. Ultimately, the good Christian men get the scraps from the table – this is why the meme is “man up and marry those sluts”.

It does seem very true that men want women of virtue as their wives, while women want men of mostly sin as their husbands. I know I’ve seen it myself as I’ve been pressured for sex by women much more than I’ve ever pushed on a woman to do anything, and have seen women’s interest evaporate when I don’t cave. Which gets us around to the committal question: Christian men don’t commit to Christian women in marriage, because it’s become clear that they aren’t any better, and in fact are worse in some respects (my rather longish comment since the blog post gave the opportunity to explain this, see also – I might clean it up as a version 2 of my Why Men Don’t Marry post if there’s enough demand).

As we know, Phil Robertson ran head long into the world in opposing homosexuality. He sets a good example in caring more about God thinks than what men think, but even the “Christians” are proclaiming that people who actually believe this “God stuff” are a blight on the Church. There are no exceptions as it exists in all circles – people proclaim to be “Christian”, but follow the Personal Jesus instead of the real Jesus of Nazareth. It’s clearly seen in all the supposed Christian blogs that support “Game” and feeding the flesh nature of a woman instead of quashing her rebellion by demanding she follow the will of God.

Until next time, which might be a little while if I get to work on that thing. Enjoy your holiday, and remember to not wash when you go to your gatherings, because it will make the others around you nicer, more generous, and more supportive of you. Merry Christmas!

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