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The Red-Pill Truth For Men

December 23, 2013

I had hoped to do a more in-depth post or two on this topic in the near future, but the topic of male dehumanization and the general idea that women feel entitled to the things, earnings, and life blood of all the men in their midst is a topic that’s interested me in the last month. I did get one post done on the general topic. But the time in my mind on the rest of them has been lost, so I’ll just write thoughts, along with some links that I saved on the topics. You could call this Links Post #19 since it will expire most all of my saved links (the real one will be coming in a day or two), but it’s all the same topic, so here you go:

Conditional Love: You Can’t Count On Women

Then I returned, and I saw vanity under the sun. There is one alone, and there is not a second; yea, he hath neither child nor brother: yet is there no end of all his labour; neither is his eye satisfied with riches; neither saith he, For whom do I labour, and bereave my soul of good? This is also vanity, yea, it is a sore travail. Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:7-12)

If men look for anything out of women when it comes to marriage is for them to carry the burden when needed. So many marriage advocates pull up this Scripture, but the cord the woman is supposed to hold up always snaps and she betrays men when she is needed most. In marriages, there is one (man) and there is never a second, and never an end to his labor. His wife’s sole purpose in life is to see to that. Her joy is in his misery. Women don’t care about the male experience, or the damage they wrought.

Rollo writes on his experience. Sunshine Mary posts of repentance after the fact here, as well as reposts here, but has the attitude of deserving a medal for doing the bare minimum her marriage vows demand. The comments are full of like stories, every one worth a read. It should be noted that if the situation she writes were reversed (she injured, he not run right out and care for her at every moment), they would be divorced, and he would be in jail as an abuser. Iron-clad guarantee. But men are pond scum on the shoes of women, so that and more is okay.

I can even relate my own story, even with my limited romantic experience. Perhaps the biggest introduction that snaps men out of their slumber and makes them use their eyes with regards to women is when The Knife of Betrayal goes into the back of a man. Like STDs, pregnancy, or false rape accusations, there is no answer that the Game advocates have for this one – there is no Invalid Game, especially since it is impossible to keep dominant frame when you are helpless.

Women: Bloody Mercenary Love
Women are deeply conditional in their love, especially their husbands. There should be a level of trust regardless, but it is always conditional. I’ve made the statement before that women (and men follow their lead) tend to use people and love things instead of love people and use things. The former constitutes conditional love, which even the Christian women master. It should not be coincidental that Marriage 2.0 codifies this, where marriage becomes not a symbol of Christ and His Church, but a sick and disgusting picture of Christ’s sacrifice, used to justify the use and destruction of men for the personal whims and fancy of women.

That women desire to have their way over all the things of men is without question. Lucius Somesuch points out the interesting dynamic behind one of Jenny Erikson’s blog posts regarding a Keurig coffeemaker: It’s not that Jenny wanted the coffeemaker, it’s that her ex-husband should “sacrifice” and do without coffee. Now, Jenny is saddled with a dirty new coffee maker because she knew she didn’t get her way with her ex-husband. Further interesting, is how it is that “We” can’t afford the new coffee maker:

If she goes and buys it, she’s Miss Independent. But if he goes and buys one, it must be with (so she necessarily implies) *our* money. In one breath she asserts that the expense would be nothing to her, but yet is crippling for this post-couple which somehow lingers on in the financial imagination (but don’t the courts agree?) as a real couple.

With women, what’s hers is hers, and what’s his is hers too. Women must be cared for because they have value. Men must care for them (and nay were put on this earth to do so) precisely because they do not have value. Of course, you get examples of these things all over if you open your eyes to look. Instead of this woman doing a disgusting thing, what she does is “hilarious” – scratching a luxury car and making her husband buy it because “she believed she deserved it for contributing so much to their marriage.” Then we have Nigella Lawson, and the story that she gave her assistants free reign on her husband’s credit cards in exchange for keeping quiet about her cocaine habit. It doesn’t matter. It’s not his money paying for those credit cards, it’s hers.

Conclusion: Women Are Entitlement Queens
Women feel entitled by birthright to everything a man owns, is, or ever will be. It’s never about serving a husband and offering to him in Christ’s love, it’s always about taking for her own ends. As a result, chaste men who seek to follow God are shamed because they won’t offer themselves up in ritual sacrifice to the goddess of woman, “doing her best to live in obedience to her Personal Jesus”:

done their best to live in obedience to Him.

By shaming men, their fellow servants for being chaste? By running up debt? By doing useless degrees? By embracing careerism? By shaming sisters who dared to marry before the herd was ‘ready?’ By refusing dates with god fearing decent men, and asking the pastor to pray in a bf, in front of every single man in the church? By falling pregnant out of wedlock to a bad boy? By warning off new girls in church of every less than alpha man? By frivorcing the man she once said she loved?

Men, this may be your first introduction to the relationship red-pill, this may not. Blue-pill men tend to have this Madonna Complex where they believe that all women are perfect, all women are chaste, and all women are sinless, and by contrast, all men are sick and disgusting creatures in comparison who men dare not criticize in any way let alone call out for their sins. Men, this is the purest essence of feminism that we are raised by at birth. So this may disgust you.

Unfortunately, men have let women ride roughshod over them in rebellion against God, so we have this situation where women are very steeped in their sin and are staunchly defending it against all comers, with their supplicant males. Many of those are major figures in the church, who would have you accept this vile wickedness, and would make you believe you don’t have a choice but to accept it. But indeed, you do have a choice, and that choice is honored in the sight of God.

You might not like the blunt and direct language used here and other places on this blog, but you are likely seeking answers. I’ve shown you the face of what women really look like today, whether you choose to accept it or reject it. With most, it unfortunately takes The Knife of Betrayal to be able to start seeing women for what they really are, but hopefully you will have seen some answers to get you on your way to finally seeing the truth for what it really is.

  1. Ton permalink


  2. I think “Blade of Betrayal” has a better sound to it; alliteration and all that. Otherwise, a sobering post.

  3. Sunshine Mary posts of repentance after the fact here, as well as reposts here, but has the attitude of deserving a medal for doing the bare minimum her marriage vows demand. The comments are full of like stories, every one worth a read. It should be noted that if the situation she writes were reversed (she injured, he not run right out and care for her at every moment), they would be divorced, and he would be in jail as an abuser. Iron-clad guarantee.

    This is a bizarre comment, given that I have stayed with my husband through some very serious transgressions on his part. I have always believed, and clearly stated, that women have no right to divorce or disrespect their husbands, and I have put my money where my mouth is, refusing to divorce a man who did quite a lot of destructive things in the early years of our marriage.

    On what do you base your guarantee that I would have tried to get him thrown him in jail if he hadn’t immediately driven me to the hospital? That’s a pretty serious accusation you have made against me, and I would like to understand what you are basing that accusation on.

  4. Looking Glass permalink

    Having, by accident, gone through it, there is something like “Invalid Game”, but it’s only going to apply in some very specific situations.

    The short version is that you have to have a decently dominant personality to start and your invalidity enhances the cut & dry aspects of it. So, it requires a lot of pain (but not too much while in a “natural” sitting position) and no huge physical manifestations. But, even if that happens, I’ve called the situation the “Wounded Alpha” problem: You’re Alpha enough, but you’re also defanged due to the invalid nature. It puts the Hamster on a side-tilt for a rather long time.

    Oh, Merry Christmas to you, Ballista!

  5. Johnycomelately permalink

    Conditional Love: You Can’t Count On Women

    Sadly I know a young guy who was married for six months before a work accident crushed his pelvis. Two months later he was divorced, apparently she couldn’t ‘handle it’.

    Thankfully he fully recovered but is now he is very wary of remarrying.

  6. @donalgraeme
    I was thinking Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in writing that, since it seems a universal symbol of betrayal. I looked it up just now and Brutus actually used a dagger, but I guess the kind of blade doesn’t matter too much.

    When you write of personal things in public, don’t be surprised if they get used as examples, especially such a “polarizing” one as you presented.

    I wasn’t personally addressing you, but I can go ahead. One interesting thing I found out about hospitals and accompanying my mother (*) is when a woman shows up in a hospital with any bodily injury, no matter how minor, they immediately and unconditionally treat it as a possible physical abuse case (bring in the psychological counselors, investigate on whether the injury could have been deliberately caused and the like). They’re worried about the real physical abuse being “I fell down the stairs” when the woman explains it. Naturally, even with the background knowledge of the manosphere there to know why this was happening, this was traumatic that I was looked upon with such suspicion.

    Anyhow, a woman showing up by herself with such injuries as you indicated your husband had would immediately be considered for such abuse. Further, the fact (readily apparent) that you would have showed up by yourself would have indicated further neglect. Her husband, showing up later with kids in tow, would be limited from seeing his wife with no information forthcoming. Legally, the hospital can refer anything that they think is “abuse” of a “vulnerable party” whether the wife says different or not. If they do this, they can refer the husband to be arrested, whether the wife says different or not.

    But anyhow, the text was related to the scenario at hand, NOT YOU. Maybe this reaction comes because you don’t recognize the seriousness of how this story would be seen if a woman was the injured party, and not a man. What went on between you and your husband is not of my concern. Be thankful he forgave you, especially since this is a very serious wrong in the eyes of a man. What is of my concern, however, is the hypocrisy and double-standards that the story plainly and clearly illustrates. As well (why it appears here), it illustrates well to men what kind of “love” to really expect from women.

    (*) – due to the illness she passed of, she started not being able to keep her balance and falling.

    Yes, I’ve read/seen too many of these kinds of stories.

  7. jack permalink


    I read and re-read SSM’s posts on the sick husband issue. I don’t see any indication that she acted wrong, or that she is seeking adulation for her actions.

    And please know that there is no manosphere commenter more ready to indict a female than I. ;-)

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